Sozopol – in autumn and winter

Sozopol is a seaside town, which usually  implies summer holiday. In fact, Sozopol is an eternal city – ancient and modern, amazing and rich in attractions. It is pleasant to visit this unique place in any season.

The advantage to stay here out of the summer season comes from the better offers. Thus, you can benefit a holiday and an adventure (or may be both) at a reasonable price.

In autumn, beaches are desolate and you can walk alone or with your company and admire the sea. In early autumn, it is still hot and it is even possible to sunbathe.

The colors of the city change, it becomes warmer and more picturesque. Nostalgia autumn brings is in harmony with the centuries-long history of the tens of sites and attractions.

Walks along the cobbled streets of the old town provoke inspiration and it seems as even time goes back so you may feel the atmosphere of past times. So many ages and periods of history mix together in Sozopol, that you can still hear the echo of ancient Apolonia among the ruins of the stone fortresses.

Sozopol is the favorite town of artists painting the sea.

This is the town hosting tens of art festivals. The spirit of Apolonia still inspires today and attracts artists and active people from all over the world.

When you stay in a cosy atmosphere, even if it starts raining or the wind blows, you can relax and enjoy the long-awaited holiday. The turbulent town spirit full of history will tell you legends and give you strength. The unique energy of this town brings balance and harmony of body and soul.

SEA SENSE boutique hotel is created in the spirit of eternity and modern luxury.

The simplicity of interior made of natural materials make our guest sink in the harmony of sweet eternity.

Here seasons do not matter – each of them has its advantage and charm. It is beautiful and cosy even in winter. The feeling provoked by the contrast of the stormy sea monitored from the warmth behind the window is unique.

The perfect place to escape from the vanity of the city into romantic solitude or to enjoy extravagant celebration of the New Year. This is a place suitable for special events and people of refined taste. Natural aesthetics will conquer all those who value things made with elegance and finesse.

Experience Sozopol’s discreetness and solitude out of season…