Sozopol’s natural phenomena

Sozopol is a town surrounded by many interesting places. There are many natural phenomena around the town. The islands around Sozopol represent such unique natural phenomenon.

Five of all seven islands along our Black Sea coast are situated near the shores of Sozopol – Sveti Ivan (St John), Sveti Petar (St Peter), Sveti kirik (St Kirikos), Sveti Toma (St Thomas) and Sveta Anastasia (St Anastasia).

Being a town located on the Black Sea coast, we should not miss to enlist some of the beaches around:

Central Beach, Harmani Beach, Tsar’s Beach, Dyuni, Alepu, Arkutino, Atiya, Ropotamo and Pearl. Various types of beaches to satisfy every taste по.

There is a famous cliff in Sozopol, which is used for cliff diving. The name of this cliff is Palikari (Boy) and there are many legends about it.

Sveta Agalina Cape is situated south from Sozopol and has an untypical shape. In the rocks, there is a tiny crack, which is 20 m long.

Akin Cape has an altitude of about 20 m.

The depth of the sea bottom at Kolokita Cape is 5 – 20 meters and this makes it suitable for cliff diving and scuba diving.

The Sand Lily Reserve is within the borders of the area known as Kavatsite. There are sand lilies there growing on the sand dunes.

Ropotamo Nature Reserve is located south from Sozopol and covers the zone around the stream of Ropotamo River. There is a diversity of deciduous trees, flowers and other plants, interesting cliffs, sand dunes. The reserve is home of many species of mammals, birds, snakes and fish. Visitors may enjoy the walking routes and boat trips. There is a small but beautiful beach in the reserve.

Alepu is wetland near Dyuni Beach. It spreads on an area of 166.7 hectares. The marsh is overgrown with reed and other marsh vegetation, among which there are some rare plant species. Alepu is inhabited by some rare species of animals.

The Lion’s Head rock formation  is part of Strandzha Nature Park. The age of this rock is 65-70 million years.

Bakarlaka Peak is a hill whose southeastern section falls within Ropotamo Nature Reserve and its northern section – in Rosenets Forest Park.

Rich nature and sites of historical interest from all ages mix together in the area of Sozopol – an important center for the Thracians during all centuries till now.

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