The islands around Sozopol

It is an interesting fact that five of all seven Black Sea islands are located near Sozopol with the largest island of Sveti Ivan (St. John) among them.

Sveti Ivan (St John) Island

When looked first, the islands seems simple and desolate with scarce vegetation  – mostly grass and bushes. Only the lighthouse stands upright over it. Many archeological sites are hidden amongst the grass and bushes. This almost uninhabited island hides the secrets of a long history. Since ancient times, it was honored as a sacred place by the Thracians. After them, during much of the following centuries, many temples were erected there and the island wbecame a center of education and culture. People, who want to touch all this sacred energy, will feel great and unique satisfaction, here, on Sveti Ivan island.

Sveti Petar (St Peter)

This is the  smallest island along our Black Sea coast. It neighbors Sveti Ivan Island and most probably they represented one integral whole long time ago.

Sveti Kirik (St. Kirikos)

The island is declared as monument of culture. This is the most developed Bulgarian island. It is planned to make it a tourist attraction, which would endanger the historical monuments and its natural beauty and uniqueness.

The archeological excavations revealed the remains of six temples of different ages among which is the medieval monastery of Sveti Kirik i Yulita (St Kirikos and Julitta).

Sveti Toma (St Thomas)

Long time ago, this island was known as Fidonisi. It is believed that St. Thomas lived on the island because there was a chapel on it with the name of the saint. Today, there are only some ruins left from the chapel. According to some other sources, there was also a chapel of St. Trinity. Most probably, during the centuries there were other temples erected there.

It is also called the Snakes Island because of the great number of snakes living there. This island is part of Ropotamo Nature Reserve. There are interesting plant and animal species there. There is no fresh water spring on the island. Legends say that it was home of pirates where they hid their treasures.

Sveta Anastasia (St Anastasia)

Sveta Anastasia Island is the home of the only preserved medieval monastery. The island has a surface area of 9000 square meters   and is situated 14 km away from  Sozopol.
Islands always provoke  a sense of exotics and adventure and the islands around Sozopol provide opportunities to make such dreams come real.

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